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Artist Exposed: John SingleTary

Thank you to all who came to support our event on December 7th at Open Space Gallery.

The evening would have not been possible without the time and talent of so many. Thanks to...

Open Space Gallery
Chris Bray Photos
Dave, John Singletary's assistant
WhistlePig Whiskey 
John Singletary, Featured Artist/Photographer
Matt Hollenberg, Musician
Katherine Corbett, Dancer/Model
Jess Adams, Dancer/Model
Cait Steward, Costume Designer and Make Up Artist

Check out these videos of artists we have presented in our previous events. Click here to see more videos! Creatively captured and edited by Stephanie Ramones from Contigo Photos + Films.

Artsi Gathering vol II // 8.24.18

Be on the look-out for these events coming up this season:


1. Artsi Gathering Vol III- Saturday, January 26 @ Fleisher Art Memorial

2. Flamenco night with tapas and drinks. Collaborating Artist: Pasion y Arte Flamenco. Friday, April 19 @ Fleisher Art Memorial